Hi, I'm Mel and I'm here to capture your unapologetic moments.

My passion for telling stories has come from a place knowing that each person deserves to see meaning when they look back at their memories.

Joy for me comes from meaningful moments surrounded by the right people, while I have learnt to love my solitude, I've learnt that human connection with down to earth people make my life the richest.

My passion is to find moments that showcase raw love. I'm not talking about the perfectly timed belly laughs, but also the inside jokes, the look when they 'irritate you but you still love them' or when they are holding you in a headlock tickle so hard you feel like you're gonna pee your pants.

Yeah, I want to be part of the messy moments as well as the polished, life isn't about having it all together and I think your photos shouldn't be any different.

My style is a bit moody yet encompasses the warmth of passionate connection. I truly believe your love is something that deserves to be told, let me be the one to show the world how great it is.