Mel Badsey doing a champagne pop among long grass fields in Mornington Peninsula, Australian Elopement Photographer

Hi, I'm Mel and I'm here to capture your unapologetic moments.

My passion for telling stories came from seeing so many photos void of emotion & real Interaction. I vowed to be different and give my couples an experience that went so much deeper than just pretty photos.

You deserve authentic images, period. walking along a tree lined street looking up at the clouds

You deserve a photographer that goes above and beyond, who seeks to know you, so your photos speak so naturally of your love.

Never settle for less than you deserve.

"I’m not the photographer for you if you want to pay me and then not hear from me until your wedding. I will be fully and wholly invested because you deserve nothing less.

My Approach




I get to know you! Before you even book me. We meet over zoom once you enquire because I want to make sure every question is answered and we are the best fit for each other.

You deserve the best, for you.

We hang out before I photograph you! Instead of jumping straight into a session we might chat for the first 10-15 minutes!

This is a core part of my sessions and work because it helps you get comfortable in front of me and absolutely CHANGES your photos for the best.

I. Don't. Pose.

Goodbye awkward poses! I am here for the FUN. I want to get you two interacting with each other and enjoying each others company! I focus on your connection and how you work together as a couple and base the way I guide and photograph you off that.

The smiles, the laughs and the intimacy in my photography are all very real moments that people can look back on.

Grampians National Park Elopement

Want to see for yourself? Come along with me on this engagement session:

Think we'd be a good fit?

Reach out and let's do this thanggg.