Hi, I'm Mel and I'm here to capture your unapologetic moments.

My passion for telling stories has come from a place knowing that each person deserves to see meaning when they look back at their memories.

I want to photograph you at your messiest & most vulnerable, Pinterest perfect can take the back seat because what is real is what triumphs in love.

You deserve a photographer that goes above and beyond, who seeks to know you, so your photos speak so naturally of your love.

Never settle for less.

I'm a life loving, new-adventure seeking people person x introvert. I'm into meaningful shit, your love story, how you came to be the person you are & what makes you love hard in this life. I'm in love with vulnerability, I give it out and I think the right people will gravitate towards that. Life is too short to live with 'what if's' and any regret.

Say it how it is, get married however the fuck you want and choose to do what makes your heart excited.

My Approach

To make it simple, I want to know you! If I know you and what makes your love tick, I can make meaningful art. Me and my couples meet a couple times over Zoom or drinks before their day (up to them how many times, but usually at least twice )

I help you plan your timeline, your day and you adventures and make sure I've got everything I need, you'll know that when the day comes, I've got it all covered!

We make some pretty sweet memories and spend (one of) the best days of your life together, I back up all your images and send you some cheeky sneak peeks within a week of your day. Your memories are finished within 6-8 weeks.

You can order prints, posters, albums - whatever the heck you want to preserve your memories & we can continue to keep in touch as we go along this journey of life if you want to stay friends.

Want to see for yourself? Come along with me on this engagement session:

Think we'd be a good fit?

Reach out and let's do this thanggg.