Recommended Ethical Elopement Vendors

Sustainability is something becoming increasingly important in my own life and the way I conduct my business, so I thought it would make sense to recommend some ethical vendors for your elopement that I believe are paving the way in the industry.

What does sustainable mean? A sustainable business aims to have a positive impact through the work that they do, on the global and local environments. These businesses aim to use materials that promote fair pay and healthy work environments for everyone involved in their production line. They may aim to use recycled materials or ones that contribute to sustainable production for our earth, for example using recycled gold for wedding rings, or lab grown diamonds in order to not support the corrupt history carried out in many mining practices.

It’s important to note that everything can work towards being sustainable if we just search for the answers. It’s possible to have a fully sustainable wedding that gives back to the environment and the world around us. Please note that every effort goes towards making the world a better place, so even if only parts of your day can involve ethical vendors for your elopement, that’s so much better than nothing at all.

Engagement Rings + Wedding Bands



Catbird creates beautiful unique rings that are sourced from ethically sourced materials and conflict free diamonds. This includes priding themselves on frequently using vintage diamonds in order to recycle and re-use the timeless jewel. We also love their pledge and dedication to the BLM movement and they have put a priority focus on sourcing from black owned businesses and hiring more BIPOC staff. Including setting up a scholarship fund for BIPOC students with a focus on accredited jewellery design programs. 


Vrai is the only foundry producer certified with zero carbon footprint. They sustainably grow their diamonds in America, using zero-emission power of the Columbia river. Meaning there is no carbon footprint or mining. These diamonds are then created and shaped to the highest standards through impeccable craftsmanship. 

Their fine jewellery and engagement rings are designed with recycled solid gold and come with recyclable, compostable and reusable packaging


Sofia Kaman Recommended Ethical Elopement Vendors

Sofia Kaman is passionate about using ethical and sustainable materials in all that they do. They used recycled metals and source diamonds through vetted dealers who abide by the Kimberley Process and guarantee conflict free stones. They also partner with Diamond Foundry, a leader in fields of lab grown diamonds. Along with using antique diamonds and gems that have no new environmental or social cost.

They also create incredible one of a kind rings, where you will never see anyone wearing the same ring as you.


Ash Hilton Australian Intimate Elopement Photographer

The reason I love Ash Hilton so much is that apart from offering classic engagement ring styles, they offer smoother designs for people who lead active lifestyles. Their rings attract many people from hiking and camping communities because they are less likely to get caught on objects or get damaged whist in the outdoors. 

They used recycled and reclaimed materials, as well as reclaimed harmony diamonds from America. Their gold is ethically sourced New Zealand beach gold which you can read about more on their website.



Rosa Bridesmaids

Made to order in Perth, Australia – this company encourages others to stay clear of one-use throw away fashion. They are for the conscious bride, by working with local suppliers who meet ethical standards and produce each piece to eliminate textile waste, making sure your style is unique and not producing hundreds of the same piece.



Founded with slow-fashion in mind Datura creates pieces that are timeless and bring joy through many seasons. These are for the non-traditional bridesmaid if you love the idea of mixing and matching, Datura creates a lot of silk and linen dresses, so you can still subtly match through the use of materials. 

They keep sustainable practices by using online only distribution, the use of 100% natural high-end fabrics, local only production and small batches in order to avoid over production. 


Evolution Bridesmaids

This New Zealand based company creates their bridesmaid dresses to order, including hand dying each batch as they come in. So if you plan on having your bridesmaids all wear the same colour, ensure you order them all together so they are dyed in the same batch for consistency. They ensure every worker across New Zealand and Indonesia is treated ethically along the production line including safe working environments, leave entitlements and above standard wage pay.



If you’ve never heard of Ru De Seine before – you need to go look at their website right now. I mean not only are their dresses OUT OF THIS WORLD & totally unique and crazy beautiful. Their dresses are made to order to reduce waste and they support the New Zealand manufacturing industry by having 100% of their garments designed and made there. They donate unused textiles to universities & offer at least 10 graduate positions every year. How great is it to get a dress from a company that makes literal drop dead gorgeous designs and treats their workers and process ethically?! Heckkk yes.


To say I am in love would be an understatement. These dresses are badass and just are a whole different level on their own! They totally break the bounds of traditional with colour, length and also 2 piece sets. The way they stay sustainable is implementing a ‘slow drop’ methodology. Rather than pushing out mass designs multiple times a year, they allow their designs to be out in the world for longer and have a much smaller quantity made in order to reduce waste. They work with dressmakers who carry Faire Trade certification and also donate 25kg of rice to families in need for every garment sold. They also use deadstock fabric in their designs, which are usually ’scraps’ that come from large-batch fabric orders and traditionally land up in landfill – however they repurpose them for their designs taking away from the waste of the world.

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