As a business I am wanting to ensure I am doing everything in my power to create a COVID safe environment for anyone I work with. Please find the practices I will be implementing:

Social Distancing

- All client meetings will be held via video chat/phone call.

- Keeping a 1.5m distance between myself and clients at all times during a photoshoot.

- Using a longer focal lens so I can keep my distance.


- I will ensure that if in ill health I find a replacement photographer.

- If I test positive for COVID at any point, I will isolate for 14 days. Postponing any photoshoots where reasonable & getting a replacement photographer where applicable.

- If my clients show mild symptoms of COVID or test positive, sessions will be rescheduled.


- All equipment for shoots will be sanitised before and after every session.

- Nobody but me will be allowed to handle my equipment & I will not be able to show 'back of camera' previews during a session.

- I cannot assist in taking images with a guest or clients phone.


- Carrying sanitiser and using it at frequent intervals.

- Washing hands whenever there is opportunity to do so.

- Sanitising whenever coming into contact with something others may have touched.

Record Keeping

- All client sessions and details will be recorded and kept, in the case contact tracing is needed.

- All contact with any other industry and even personal contacts, in the case contact tracing is needed.

- Temperature checking myself and any assistants before a job.

- Clear communication with other vendors or clients if I suspect being COVID positive and clear communication of my results.


- Where I may have to travel to regional Victoria for a job, I will abide by Metropolitan Melbourne restrictions whist in regional Victoria.

Outdoor sessions only

- Under current guidelines I will only be operating in outdoor spaces.


- I will be wearing a mask for all sessions as per government directive.

- Clients will be able to remove masks for sessions (as per government guidelines: a subject can remove their masks for the purpose of a professional photoshoot) and will place them back on immediately after photos have been taken.