Vanessa & Brandon / Cradle Mountain Intimate Wedding Inspiration

This Cradle Mountain Intimate affair was set amongst the moody backdrop of Tasmania. As a lover of weather like this, I was stoked to find myself in a situation where the skies were overcast and the fog was set up upon Cradle Mountain, the perfect spot for an intimate wedding if you are planning one.

Vanessa and Brandon are the kinds of people who love the outdoors, going away in their van, doing mountain biking and exploring new places! So when we discovered the shuttle to Dove Lake wasn't running that day, it was an easy decision to hike there and back.

As two humans who are naturally introverted, a intimate affair just made sense as we prepared for this day! With a relationship that is easy going, loving & supportive - these two made the whole day feel like a group of friends just hanging out, going on a hike.

Experiences like this make me so thankful I get to meet people in the circumstances I do, leaving feeling like I've got some friends to call on whenever I touch base in Tasmania.

If you would like some resources on how to elope in Tasmania, I have a whole guide written up here.