Engaged? What Now?

First of all, Congratulations!!

YOU SAID YES!! Like anyone you are probably asking ‘now what? What first?’ It’s so easy to have so many thoughts running around in your mind, aside from the emotions from being PROPOSED too. What do you need to do first? How do I figure out my budget? How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer? HOW the heck do I even find my photographer?

Being a wedding photographer, I’ve seen it all! It’ll definitely be a perk when it comes to my own wedding, but it only seemed fair that I share my knowledge with others. The goal is to help ease you into a positive wedding planning process with your partner! Wether you are having a long, or short term, engagement, I want to help you out. I love human connection and helping people, regardless if they are my clients, my friends, a follower on social media, or a complete stranger. I put this free informational page that you can use as a ‘go to,’ no matter what steps of planning you are in! I hope this information helps, wether it’s what to wear, location ideas for your engagements, helpful tips, or what to look for when hiring your vendors.

If you have any questions not addressed in this post, EMAIL ME! I would love to chat.

- Mel x

Finding A Venue

Besides making the fun announcement to all your family and friends, it’s time to get looking! Finding your venue is something you may not have realised, something you need to do FAR in advance. Don’t leave it last minute otherwise you could be stuck with something less than ideal.

Wether you get married at an actual wedding venue, an Airbnb or a national park, get in early! When it comes to bookings, or permits for national park ceremonies, there can be multiple people inquiring about the same day. Lock this down and it will feel so good to have a set location!

If you need help we have some pretty incredible directories here in Australia that list venue locations:

Ivory Tribe

Hello May

Other ways to find venues: look at photographers past weddings on Instagram, they usually tag the venue, look at the Ivory Tribe or Hello May instagram, they’ll also always tag the venues.

Finding Your Photographer/Videographer

One of the first things I recommend to future couples, is finding the perfect match when it comes to your photography team. I have had clients where we get along insanely well, can bounce ideas off each other, be ourselves and totally open in communication. I’ve also had the opposite, and to be completely transparent, it MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Please don’t settle with your photography/videography! The right team will feel like your friends, get you comfortable in front of the camera and be a rock solid support on your wedding day. How I achieve this in my business is getting to know you before your wedding day! This makes you feel confidant in in me, and in yourself. Remember, your photographer is with you for 60-90% of your wedding day, how good would it feel knowing that you ‘get each other’ and they can be another person supporting you along the way.

In surveys, the biggest regret couples had was settling on a lower priced photographer. I will not lie, weddings can be pricy. However, the vendors at your wedding are an investment, and you get what you pay for. Remember this day only happens once, your photos will be the one thing that you can use to look back at your day in all its glory.

Make sure you are also booking with a photographer who is investing their time into you, as their client. Your wedding day should not be a time for a ’bad customer service’ moment to come about, and it can definitely be avoided by making sure the photographer is really invested in your wedding. When I book a client, (and even before), I make sure to schedule a call with them, or even have an in person catchup. I use these times to get to know you, your hobbies, what is most important to you on your day, and overall make the process an experience!

Then I make sure to have regular check ins along the way and am always available for advice in the planning process. Finally a week or two before your wedding I’ll make sure to have one final catch up to make sure I’ve got everything ready for your big day! Along with this I get all my clients to fill out a questionnaire with every little detail I could need on their wedding (contact numbers, addresses, a list of sentimental moments/things included so I can make sure to photograph them, and so fourth). This whole process is intended to make sure you know I have it all under control - on the wedding day you can be confidant I have ALL the information I need and can have total trust that I will be there, on time, ready to support you one of the most important days of your life!

Finding your photographer shouldn’t be a huge chore and you should be able to search online fairly easily. One of the biggest platforms to look is instagram! I recommend searching location based hashtags (eg #australianweddingphotographer, or more location specific #melbourneweddingphotographer) you can also use the directories listed above as great resources!

Fun Legal Stuff You NEED To Know

Make sure that every vendor you hire, gets you to sign a contact! Even if you have the best relationship with them, it’s a requirement. This protects both you, and the vendors, to ensure everyone fulfils the duties you have booked them for! They should be able to answer any questions you may have about contract legalities.

You also want to make sure your vendors have insurance. For example Public Liability - this is pretty much required by any venue anyways. However, if someone DOESN’T have this and an accident happens by their fault/someone gets hurt, it could mean a lot of trouble. Public Liability covers them and anyone affected in the situation an accident happens etc. It’s such a peace of mind and a professional vendor WILL have the right insurance. I’ve covered my bases, and have up to 20million in Public Liability, my couples deserve that peace of mind.

You've Found Your Team! Now, Let's Take Some Photos!

It’s time to take your engagement photos! These sessions are always so much fun. They let you celebrate your announcement & you also get all warmed up and used to a camera. When the wedding day comes it’ll be a breeze! But what about outfits? Where should you have your photos taken?

What To Wear

  • ONE, be YOU. Wear what is authentic to who you are
  • Try keeping it neutral/similar to the location you will be shooting
  • Stick away from logo’d shirts ect (eg. It’s a NO from me when I see sessions where someone has rocked up with a ‘nike’ logo shirt)
  • If you love patterns - go ham! However, try to keep it timeless - will you look back in a few years and still love it?
  • Want to read more? I’ve written a whole article about it here. You are going to be the best dressed couple in the city.

    Location, Location, Location

  • Try to think of landscapes you love (Eg. Mountains, the beach, cliffs etc)
  • Think if you’d rather have an in home/airbnb session!
  • Is there anywhere meaningful to you that would make the photos THAT much better?
  • If you are from Victoria, I have written an article with some pretty incredible recommendations, here.


    I wish you nothing but a feeling of joy in this season and on your wedding day. I hope this post was helpful to you and your partner! If you have any questions on locations, venues, or photo services - please submit a contact form below! I would love to hear from you!

    With Love,

    Mel x

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