Here are some of the more commonly asked questions I get, if yours still are not answered please feel free to get in contact.

Do you use a second photographer?

As my focus is hugely on intimate elopements and weddings, a second photographer is generally not needed. I can cover your day up to 50 guests without one easily! If you plan to have more than 50 guests I just require you to add a second photographer to your package so I can bring one along to help me with your day, this is to ensure you are getting the best coverage of everything happening and helping me to keep my focus on you two while they focus on your guests!

Do you give out RAW photos?

I don't, as half of my work comes from the careful curation of your gallery alongside with my editing style. You are trusting me that I will capture every moment as I see it unfold. I promise I don't withhold any photos, if you ever think I have forgotten to include one, please ask and I can always check.

Do we need to pay extra for you to travel?

I include any costs into my final pricing. So no sneaky extras or add ons. I never want my couples to have to stress about having to fork out money they didn't know they needed too, so the numbers you see in the pricing guide I send you is the final amount.

What are your turn around times?

My turnaround times are usually based around how much I am already working. I like to make sure each photograph is delivered in the best quality I offer so generally for sessions I take around 3 weeks and for weddings I will take around 6-8.

How long have you been a photographer?

I've been taking photos since I was 15, and got into weddings in 2015, I have now been shooting weddings and couples for almost 6 years.

Can you photoshop us?

I love people the way they uniquely are and will only photoshop things that are not normally there, such as pimples or blemishes. I can definitely take note if there's anything that you are self conscious of and do my best to be aware of it during shooting. If there is something you really want photoshopped this will be an added fee.

What if our wedding gets cancelled?

If your wedding gets cancelled or needs to be moved, I will do my best to be accommodating. The retainer you pay when booking is non-refundable however can be put towards a new date as long as I have 3 months notice. I want to be as fair as possible whilst also keeping my business running.

What if you can't make it?

If an act of God was to prevent me from photographing your wedding (illness, death, natural disaster etc) I have an amazing support network of photographers across the world. This has never happened to date (it's a very real nightmare though haha). If I was to send someone in my place I would make sure to choose someone with the same skill & style as me. I'd most likely edit and deliver the final images to ensure you get my editing style and touch. Once again, this has never happened to date.

What if our wedding is affected by COVID?

My promise to you is that with me you are allowed a free reschedule if your wedding is directly affected by COVID, as long as it's a mutually agreeable date that I am available for. I unfortunately can't refund the non-refundable retainer in these circumstances if you decide to fully cancel your wedding or go with a date I'm not available. The retainer pays for the backend work I have done in my business before your wedding. Which leads to the next question.

What if we reschedule to a date you aren't available for?

I have an incredible list of other photographers who can work on behalf of me in case this happens. These are called associate shooters and how it works is that they will be there on the day with you, however I will still be handling everything else including final edit, delivery, albums etc. I always pick a photographer who I believe reflects my style so you can get the images you hired me for! Again this is such a last resort and hasn't happened to me yet - it's only if you have to pick a new date I am unavailable for.

Do you offer discounts?

Nope, my prices are set so I can give you the quality you deserve. If you need help we can look at doing a payment plan leading up to your day.

Where are you located? Can I hire you internationally?

I'm located in Victoria, Australia. I can travel anywhere for a session and elopement. I also have had couples come to me for a shoot and made a mini getaway/weekend out of it. We have some pretty amazing locations here, if you'd like some ideas please just email me!

How many images do you deliver?

Every single session or wedding is so beautifully unique. I deliver images based on the moments that unfold and that will always determine my output. Generally a larger wedding will have more photos as there will be more guests, bridal party members and formalities occurring for me to photograph. I never leave anything out and your day will be documented as it occurs. If you'd like a ballpark figure a 6hr intimate wedding with 50 guests will generally have me deliver 500-700 photos and 1hr engagement session will have me usually delivering 50+.

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