Abi + Tom - In Home Couple Session

Anyone who knows me knows one of the core aspects of my business is to seek out authentic intimacy. Being able to do an in-home session was incredibly special to me as I believe 'the home' is where your heart truly is expressed. The simple things like drinking tea or cuddling on a couch are the little things that express and build up your love in those little ways.

Chatting with and getting to know Abi + Tom you could see so purely their love has been built up over time and how conscious they are of the little things. Even while we weren't 'shooting' if I had to take a break or change a battery, they were not focused on my camera at all and would just continue being with each other, even in the simplest of things.

I love how their story came together. Whilst they had known each other for years, they went through a phase where their strong friendship seemed a little more. However they drifted apart and had kept in contact here and there through mutual friends. Out of the blue one night they struck up a conversation again and it turned into a night long conversation until the early morning. Abi said it was like this feeling just clicked and they knew that there was something there and have been inseparable since.

While every love story is different, I love Abi & Tom's because it tells us that sometimes relationships come alive in a certain time for a reason! While we can long for something in the season we are in, sometimes a little bit of growth and love can create something beautiful when the right time comes to pass.

- Mel x