Tessa + Chris / Glasshouse Mountains, QLD Couple Session

Tessa is a fellow wedding photographer and Chris was a groomsman at a wedding she had photographed, naturally 6 months after the wedding Chris just had to message Tessa, and as you will see from the photos below, that went pretty well.

We picked this incredible spot in the Glasshouse Mountains, in Queensland, Australia - where Tessa + Chris live. We couldn't have asked for a better day, or better weather. Queensland is notorious for always being warm (even their winters are a fab 20 degrees or more on the regular) so in Autumn we got a wonderful peachy weather coming through as we headed out for the session.

These two were the breeziest to photograph! They are the kind of people you know are just so comfortable with each other, there was just lots of joking around & an ease each time we settled into a new movement. My favourite kind of sessions are these, when I ask a couple to do something and instead of looking to me once they are done, they are caught up in each others presence.