Eloping in Tasmania can only be described as an experience of a lifetime. With landscapes that roll on forever and your choice of beautiful locations - I dare say you might be overwhelmed with choices.

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Tasmania is a raw and rugged part of Australia, with many places untouched you could drive for hours and see beautiful landscapes, with houses and cottages dotted in-between. Tasmania holds a certain allure, with its separation from the mainland, it makes it seem like you are travelling overseas. Many would compare the landscapes and beauty to New Zealand and I couldn’t agree more. I present how to elope in Tasmania..


If a big wedding just doesn't sound like 'you.'

If you want to worry less about the colour of table settings and more about each other.

If you want a day utterly focused on each other and things that bring you joy.

If so, eloping could be for you...










Eloping couple hiking to Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain Elopement

It comes down to the kind of experience and landscape you are drawn too. For example, if you were set on eloping at Cradle Mountain, I'd suggest summer months from Late Nov- Late Feb where the sunrises are earlier, and the sun sets later. This is because park access is via a shuttle service only from 8am-6pm in summer & 9am-5pm in winter, so unless you plan to share your intimate elopement with a busload of people, it would be more ideal to plan for summer where you could wake up early to be able to drive yourself to your hiking start point.

If you haven't nailed down a location yet but would be set on eloping in the snow (or snow capped mountains in the distance), then winter months such as July-August would be your go too. Cradle mountain is still accessible, and you could stay within the many accomodations within the park, still aiming for a sunrise elopement so you aren't hiking down in the dark.


If the thought of sharing your elopement spot with a crowd doesn't seem like your cup of tea (not mine either), there are a few ways on how you can elope in Tasmania whilst avoiding all the people.

1. Weekday's such as Monday-Thursdays are ideal for elopements. There's no real reason to do your elopement on a weekend, cutting out those extra travellers who use their weekends to explore and get away from their day jobs.

2. Sunrise! Even popular spots can attract people during the week, so an almost sure way to get the place to yourself is a sunrise elopement, the benefits of sunrise is there is not hiking down in the dark (like a sunset elopement)

3. March-May tends to be the quieter months of Tasmania, so planning your elopement around these dates can mean less people and greater availability for things such as Airbnb's and trails.

Probably one of the most important steps of eloping is choosing your location. It will take some time and research to pick the spot best for you (and best for that season/time of year).

There are a few ways to access Tasmania itself.

- Fly into Launceston (North)

- Fly into Hobart (South)

- Catch the Tasmania Spirit ferry from Port Melbourne (9-11hr journey)

Depending where you chose to elope, you may pick out of these options. The benefits of taking the ferry is that you are able to bring your own car. If you plan to stick around Tasmania for a while, I'd recommend the ferry as car rental prices can rack up quickly.

Campervans are also easily rented in Tasmania (you can also bring your own over on the ferry) and it is a popular state with a lot of access to camping across the whole island. If you chose to fly in you can generally rent campervans close to the airports for ease of access.

There is an abundance of incredible locations across Tasmania to elope, for now I am going to touch base on a few well known options.

How to Elope in Tasmania Cradle Mountain Elopement
Tasmania Cradle Mountain Elopement Vows


Cradle Mountain

Not just single location, but a whole park full of spots. It's good to remember that access into the park is by shuttle bus only from 8am-6pm in summer and 9am-5pm in winter.

Dove Lake circuit is one of the most accessible spots to elope in the park, a simple scout around will help you find the spot you'd like to do your vows. However Dove Lake is therefore also the most visited. That doesn't make it impossible to elope there, it just means you would need to plan your elopement around peak seasons and ideally do something at sunrise to avoid all the visitors to the park.

Marions lookout is the best spot if you aren't afraid of a hike. It will take about 2hr climb up in wedding gear, but is well worth the view of the jagged peaks behind and Dove Lake sitting in the crater below. It would be best to plan around your light availability (such as reaching the peak for your vows 2hrs before sunset), or having a decent set of headlights and warm gear for the way down.

The best accomodation within the park would the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge, with beautiful rooms and a wonderful alpine feel. If you are looking for something a little more simpler (and slightly closer to dove lake itself) the Waldheim Cabins are a good option too if you wish to stay up against a number of walking trails.

Cradle Mountain has unpredictable weather all year around (even in summer can reach nearly 0 degree temperatures close to night) and it is advised to always come prepared with proper hiking gear, thermals and water/food to ensure your safety!

Tasmania Cradle Mountain Elopement Hiking



Freycinet is an easily accessible national park with a range of hikes, walks and lookouts.

One of the most accessible ways of eloping in Freycinet is utlising incredible stays such as Freycinet Lodge. Using the accomodation as a base for getting ready and your elopement dinner, you can then find a spot on the nearby property for your ceremony and portraits. With a range of hikes and walking tracks at your disposal, this could be the perfect starting point.

Sleepy bay another accessible spot that boast incredible views of the ocean and mountains behind. This spot looks raw and rugged, yet only a short 10 minute walk and would be perfect for a sunrise elopement to avoid the crowds.

If you are however excited for a serious hike on your elopement day, Mount Amos would be the top option. For experienced hikers it boasts a view of wineglass bay like no other and has sturdy rocks at the overlook, perfect for a ceremony spot. Regardless of your fitness abilities, it is recommend you hire a guide, especially if your photographer and celebrant aren't as experienced hikers (the guide can also act as your second witness, your photographer/videographer being your first). It would be ideal to have a back up option as Mount Amos is dangerous in wet weather conditions.

Just like any spot you want to elope, I always recommend you stay in the area and hike the trail you'd like to elope first, to make sure it's the best fit for you.



A 7.8km (4-5hr) return hike worth every second. The terrain shows mountain ranges that go on forever, crystal clear blue lakes embedded within. The trail covers a huge range of landscapes from scenic boardwalks, trails on the edge of the lake and the peak that overlooks it all.

Checking the trail out before your elopement will help you pin down the best spot for you, it may not even involve hiking the whole trail but only part to reach your destination - a complete possibility with all the beauty along here.

If you think of eloping in Tasmania, hiking is almost always a part of the equation, it is known for it's iconic hiking trails and untouched views and is the dream for those adventurous couples wanting something that feels like 'them.' Hartz peak would have to be up there with many of the other hiking trails.

If you'd like an in-depth guide of Hartz Peak please click here.



Now, while I always recommend airbnbs as the perfect concept to work into your intimate wedding/elopement, Tasmania is one of those locations that I would hands down recommend for your entire elopement.

Why? As Tasmania is so full of raw and rugged land, it isn't build up like a lot of Australia's mainland. This means that staying at a simple airbnb can give you some of the most incredible views, whilst also providing you with accommodation to get ready and host any post ceremony celebrations as well!

A few of my favourite...

Captains Rest. your jaw will drop at how lovingly created captains rest is, with paintings and furnishings that transport you to another time, filled with so many pieces that tell a story, with the white walls helping to bring it all together and making it feel centred. Getting ready here is a photographers dream, feeling like you are stepping into a little bit of history & an equally beautiful spot for a pre-elopement couple session to make the stay extra worth it.

Thalia Haven. A wild off the grid house nestled in the landscape of Tasmania, on the edge of the sea. This incredible haven has a bath overlooking the ocean (perfect for you and your lover to soak after a big elopement day). You can get married right there on the property, setting up a ceremony in one of the many fields overlooking the coast. A perfect off-grid experience for those wanting to spend it together, or just with their nearest and dearest.

Image credit to Ben Sowry.

Image credit to Jon Gazzignato, Bythewilde.

There is an abundance of locations to elope in Tasmania, if you've seen somewhere that would be meaningful to you, you can likely elope there, just do your research (and don't bother eloping somewhere just because it's an instagram fad, go with somewhere that makes your heart feel right)


Choose people who you couldn't imagine your day without.

With so many incredible vendors already living in Tasmania, it wouldn't be a hard feat to find someone local (and really isn't everyone local in Tassie?)

But, don't be afraid to book outside of Tasmania if you have fallen in love with someone else's work. Tasmania is not far for many people and is super accessible via plane or ferry. If you've dreamt of having a certain person work with you on your day and they live on the mainland, go for it! You only do this once.

For now, here are some of my favourite Tasmanian vendors I'd recommend in a heartbeat for an elopement (and are known frequent to travel all over)

Choose the right photographer.

Speaking as a photographer who photographs all across Australia & the world, choosing someone to capture your day isn't something you want to go cheap on.

An elopement day is an intimate affair, with few or no guests present. You likely want images to share with friends and family once the day is done, and you'd want those images to tell your day unapologetically real.

As someone who's taken years mastering my storytelling ability, I know it's not something that anyone can just do. While I know there are probably a million photographers out there who know how to line up an image and click the button, it's so much deeper than that. It's about being able to immerse myself into your day + your moments so I can truly capture the heart of your experience.

You want someone who can take on the challenges of a hiking elopement (if you choose to do one) and someone who is able to think on their feet, because no elopement day will go perfect! Someone who doesn't just take photos but will help you come up with solutions, even before your day ever happens.

Choosing a photographer who will support your elopement and help you plan towards something that will be 100% you is something that you will always be thankful for.

I'm here to capture unapologetic moments, where you get to have the day of your life, completely and utterly yours, with no need to impress anyone else & just be in the company of each other.

Let me help you plan your elopement!


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