Kass & Alex / Joshua Tree Elopement Shoot, California

Everyone who has been to Joshua Tree knows that it holds something special. There is nothing quite like being in the park as the sun begins to set. It starts with golden light seeping through the rocks and the trees, and then as the sun dips over the horizon, beautiful hues of pinks, purples and blues begin to drench the sky as the moon rises.

The light seems to last forever in Joshua Tree, California. On the night we were there it definitely felt like we got to dance and run the night away even long after the light disappeared over the horizon.

Kass & Alex are two beautiful humans. You can instantly tell they are best friends, as well as partners in this life and that tells so honestly through these photos I captured of them. When we arranged to meet out in the desert of Joshua Tree, I was so excited to see this day come to life and it turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined.

To the first of many Elopement Shoots in this beautiful space.