5 Outdoor locations to get Married in Melbourne Metro

Melbourne Metro Outdoor Wedding

Weddings haven't been allowed to go ahead in Melbourne Metro region in almost 4 months... Finally we are seeing a breakthrough with weddings allowed in outdoor locations for Melbourne Metro! The couple, the witnesses and celebrant can travel outside of their 5km radius to find somewhere beautiful to say their vows (as long as it remains in the Melbourne Metro region), and I am here to serve you with some amazing gems you can say your vows.

I also have articles that will help you plan an elopement or plan your wedding during a pandemic.

Whats so great is that you can bring a photographer along as a witness, so you can have those heartfelt moments captured, and to also share with those who couldn't be there with you. I know it may seem like such a wild season and definitely not where you would expect to be with your wedding planning - but I have to tell you, small weddings (or what I like to call elopements) are really special. They really strip everything back and put focus on what's important - which is your love for each other. These types of ceremonies have always carried so much meaning and I have no doubt they will also for you too. Feel free to check out this one I photographed in the Grampians to see what you could have too.

Getting married outdoors means you get a beautiful blank canvas to work with. You can pick somewhere that feels authentic to you and work to bring along a backdrop to make your ceremony sweet and meaningful. Most florists will be able to deliver flowers to your door, and many furniture hire companies can offer contactless delivery - your wedding can be pretty freaking special during this time and I hope you know that!

If you are still wanting to get engagement photos taken check out my suggestions of best locations.

What's even better is that you don't have to wear a mask during your ceremony or photos! (you just need to put them back on straight away) meaning you can look back & can really get images taken that hold all the emotion from your day.

You deserve to celebrate and you deserve to get freaking married. You can find info about my COVID special at the end of the article because I really want to help anyone out who has been impacted by COVID and just wants to get hitched. For now, here are some pretty amazing locations and how to go about getting married at them!

Melbourne Metro Outdoor Wedding

If you're from Melbourne you know Yarra Valley is known for it's incredible views and wineries! It can also be the perfect spot for your small ceremony. In order to get a permit for a specific area you just need to fill out the Parks Victoria wedding ceremony application form and you will be good to go! Please also don't get alarmed if they say it could take 4-8 week processing, they have to as a worst case scenario. I've known couples to have permits approved in a week or 2 (and that's during a busier season, with a lot of areas quiet now due to restrictions, it's likely your application would go through smoothy with a few phone calls and explaining of your situation!) feel free to check out a gallery of mine from a couple session in the Yarra Valley.

2. Dandenong Ranges

Melbourne Metro Outdoor Wedding

Melbourne Metro Outdoor Wedding

With a variety of gardens and outdoor areas to choose from there will be something for you! The permit process is pretty much the same as Yarra Valley however you will need to contact a special office for Dandenong ranges weddings & elopements.

3. Mornington Peninsula

Melbourne Metro Outdoor Wedding
Mornington Peninsula Engagement Session James kissing Grace

Mornington is full of costal wedding dreams. It feels like a whole different world down there, and lucky for you - it's counted as Melbourne Metro! If you are ready to get married on rolling hills by the seaside click the link below for a permit!

Melbourne Metro Outdoor Wedding

4. Werribee Park/Mansion

Melbourne Metro Outdoor Wedding

If a bit of fancy elegance was in your wedding plans - you can get married with the backdrop of Werribee mansion behind you! It's a pretty spectacular place and gives you that incredible modern romantic feel to it! You can find the form again on the Parks website however it has its own dedicated office!

5. Black Rock Beach

Melbourne Metro Outdoor Wedding
Melbourne Metro Outdoor Wedding

Black Rock beach is a little slice of heaven. With beautiful cliffside rocks and a perfect little nook away from everything, it is the perfect spot for a beautiful ceremony and photos. Check out this engagement session I did to see what it looks like!

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Melbourne Metro Outdoor Wedding

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