8 Outfit Tips

To get you feeling confidant as heck about being photographed

Being on the other side of the camera for sooo many shoots I wanted to share my advice on how to plan your session outfits and look dang good. So I am here with an engagement session outfit guide! You may ask - why do clothes even matter and why should we talk about them? As a photographer who focuses on my couples & the emotion they share together, I want to make sure the clothes they wear compliment this and draw attention to their love and not the 'nike' logo on their t-shirt haha. This guide can easily be applied to any session eg. family, senior etc.

Comfort Is Key

My main goal of any session is to ensure my couples feel comfortable enough to express themselves in front of me! What you wear actually plays a huge part in this. Many photographers, including myself include a lot of movement in their photography, it's good to think about outfits that aren't going to hinder your freedom. So don't come wearing a strapless dress/top as you could land up focusing on if your top is going to fall down rather than the session with your partner. Think logistically, if you are in a warm climate, don't come wearing a sweater because then you will be thinking about that sweat dripping down your back haha. If you dress for the environment you are in it will actually compliment the photos and help guide to into more natural poses. For example wearing a warm knit and beanie if you are in the snow will be totally authentic and add to the overall vibe of the session!

Bring Options

You will never regret packing an extra 3-4 options in your boot. It's much better than getting to a shoot to only realise you wore mismatching socks or are in the complete wrong shoes for the location you have chosen. Your photographer knows what will fit perfectly for the location and they will be able to guide you towards an engagement outfit that will do you justice!

Bring Outfits That Allow Movement

Examples could be a loose button down shirt, or a flowy dress. While images are 'still,' you can bring that little bit more life by showing movement through your clothing. This also applies to hair, if you are a guy or gal who likes to wear their hair out, do this for your session. That way even if you feel like wearing an outfit that is more form fitting, images will pick up movement & life that way.

Keep It Neutral

As you can see from the couples above and below they chose colours that would match the environment they would be in. While colour can be incredible, imagine someone in these images wearing a bright neon top or outfit combo. Your eyes would be totally drawn to their top rather than the emotion and beauty of their love and the location they chose. When planning your engagement outfit guide yourself to colours that will compliment your skin and where you will be shooting. This does not mean you only have to stick with 'browns, greens, beige' - you can easily wear a red, but instead choose an earthen tone of red such as a rust so it isn't stark and keeps the focus on the emotion in the images.

Avoid Loud Crazy Patterns & Logos

These detract from your face and emotion and we want your connection to be the focal point of the shoot. Patterns/logos/writing can take away from the reason for the shoot - your love! The aim is to choose outfits that won't steal the show (this isn't a fashion shoot) and keep the attention on you. It's good to keep to simpler designs. If you want to use a pattern try something softer and always be conscious if it will match in the location of your shoot (eg. if you were to shoot in a flower field in summer it would totally be okay to wear a light coloured 'floral' patterned dress - just make sure it isn't too busy)

Bring the right shoes!

This comes back again to comfort. Try to wear something that is closed toed so you won't have to worry as much about where you will be stepping (particularly on outdoor shoots). As a photographer I always wear my trusty thick soled converse - because I am moving even more than the couple I don't want to worry every second about stepping on a rock. I can be a lot more confidant as I shoot - and this goes the same with my couples! Try to opt for a dress shoe (guyyys) or a pair of vans/converse or a trendy sneaker.

The aim is to have freedom on your feet so you can move around! So this includes shoes as a part of your outfit! I advise against tricky things like heels or flip flop style sandals etc, they could trip you up and make it harder to truly embrace the session. Aim for shoes that keep you strapped in or a closed toe.

Accessories/ Props

And no I don't mean those cringe glasses or fake moustaches you find in a photo-booth. These are thing that are true to YOU. For example wearing a hat or if you are suuper into western buckle belts etc.

Props are an incredible way to bring out who you are and your story! If you love sharing food together, bring along a picnic rug and bring along pizza and wine. Or if you have a pet that is suuuper important to your life, bring them along! Again, if you are a surfer and want to do a beach shoot in your bathers, bring along your surf board! or if you are musicians bring along your instrument and serenade your boo with a song. We want to infuse your shoot with so much life!

Props don't have to be still things either, you can infuse an everyday activity into your session. You could go for a skate, eat an ice-cream, fly a kite or play cards with each other.


Do whatever makes you feel amazing! If you are used to doing your makeup on the daily and it makes you feel like a boss - go and get your hair and makeup done if that is going to make you feel confidant as heck in front of the camera. Equally if you usually opt for natural or no makeup, embrace that!! The point of photographing you is to capture you authentically for who you are! You want to feel like your best self.

At the end of the day I want my couples to be completely themselves. I love capturing them how they beautifully are & that includes the way they dress. Rock that leather jacket, that maxi dress, those vans or cowboy boots and I’ll just be here to photograph you authentically.

Mel xx

Ready to plan your own engagement outfits?!

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