A lovers dream getway..

Outtrim, South Gippsland - a Dreamy Escape.

Ever just wanted to escape to somewhere that made you feel at peace? Somewhere that just made you feel like you had the whole world to yourself?

The Chapter Studio is that space. Set in Outtrim, South Gippsland - this location gives it all to you, without the hustle and bustle. Close enough to Inverloch, Loch and Wonthaggi to see beautiful cafe's, coastline and incredibly thoughtful stores (boasting handmade and organic goods), but far away enough to feel like you you have a whole pocket of the world to your own.

I got to experience the serenity of The Chapter Studio for myself. I couldn't recommend it's space, or owner Mel, anymore highly.

With incredibly curated interior, yet with a touch of home - to the little chocolates in the pantry and homemade guest soaps to use in the bathroom, you cannot deny this is a thoughtful space meant to centre you.

After settling into the space I knew that this moment called for a cup of tea, to allow me a moment to sit down and enjoy such an incredible view, and home away from home. Nothing like a good cup of earl grey and dash of almond milk to put you at ease. I spent the rest of the day curled up, enjoying the incredible view while I got some work done. Eventually, sneaking out to get a view at the most incredible sunset this side of Australia has to offer.

I left some of the blinds open so I would wake naturally to the sunset the next morning, and I was not disappointed. To say I am in awe of the way the world wakes up in Gippsland, is an understatement. Fog rolls over the hills in the early morning as the sun begins to wake up the world. You feel like a city on a hill in The Chapter Barn and get to overlook it all unfolding, the bold colours and the movement of the sun.

I decided to spend the day exploring some of the local area, meaning I energised myself and had my morning breakfast and tea and took off the town of Loch. Host of cafe, and eatery, Udder & Hoe - where I encountered a creamy golden latte paired with a perfect, flaky croissant. I had a peek at the local stores and found the beauty that is Yackity Yack, full of handpicked and well thought of wares, including clothes that have been made in partnership with villages in Nepal. Safe to say I spent a lot more than I ever intended, and don't regret it a tiny bit.

I trundled home with a full belly to take a much needed afternoon nap. Waking up to spend some time with the host of this incredible space, Mel. She treated me to a sparkling Rose and tour of her much loved property. Safe to say I went to bed that night, content.