Tasmanian Freycinet Elopement / Matt + Jen

Right off the bat, Jen & Matt felt like the kind of people who owned who they are proudly, and did it so comfortably, it rubbed off on you. Matt, a super talented tattoo artist up in New South Wales with a caring heart met Jen, an emergency nurse who approaches life with great optimism and humour. 18 months into their relationship Jen proposed to Matt on a trip away, and was met with an eager yes.

Their elopement was planned with the help of myself and our beautiful celebrant, Merren. Matt and Jen had the beautiful bones of the day planned out, wanting an intimate day set out in Freycinet National Park, that honoured the traditional owners of the land. We set to create a day that allowed ease to flow however it came, and Merren helped curate a beautiful heart honouring ceremony that had tears flowing.

Despite still having to book appointments regardless of wife privileges, her now husband has helped add to her beautiful canvas of tattoos on display in her beautiful Harriet Gordon elopement dress. Without the desire for traditional getting ready photos, we had the pleasure of being around them as they prepped in the morning at Freycinet Lodge, amongst lots of laughs as it all began to piece together.

Without even planning it, Matt and Jen found Matt's incredible jacket just days before upon arrival to Tasmania. Along with Jen's beautifully coloured hair and Matt's cracker of a shirt, we unintentionally drove around at sunset and landed up around the red rocks because of the beautiful light. The colours all came together seamlessly, and it was bloody amazing that it wasn't even done intentionally.

I'm not sure words will ever be able to adequately express what day's like this mean to me. But, to start out as a stranger through an inquiry form, to being able to share such a defining day in a couples life, is beyond beautiful. I am grateful for the grace and love that Matt & Jen showed to me, and their entire team who brought their day together, it's those heart moments and connections that make this quite easily one of the best jobs in the world.

If you are considering eloping in Tasmania, I have a whole blog post here dedicated to helping you bring your dream to life. We pay respects to the traditional aboriginal owners of the land, past, future and present, the toorerno-maire-mener clan.

The day was brought together by: Mel Badsey, Photography. Merren, Celebrant. Harriet Gordon, Dress. Tahlia Quirk, Makeup & Hair. Freycinet Lodge, accomodation. Benjamin Black Goldsmiths, Rings.