Top 5 Places to Propose in Victoria, Australia

Proposing in itself is pretty nerve wrecking, let alone trying to make sure it all goes smoothly. If you've been trying to nail down the best place to propose in Victoria, Australia, keep reading!

The most important thing to remember, is that this moment is about you two. You can plan every detail down to the last second, and something could easily go amiss. So my biggest encouragement is to enjoy the process & allow everything out of your control to be put aside.

When planning to propose, I encourage you to think of a location that is not only beautiful, but holds sentimental value to you and your partner. This could definitely be a stunning landscape and it could also be the place where you first said I love you, or went on your first date.

Once you pick a location, think of the day (or day's) leading up to, and after it. Would you like to do it at the start or end of a romantic trip, or would you like to get a close friend to 'take them out' for the day and actually lead them to the proposal spot?

The best advice I can give, is plan an environment that will allow you two to be wholly present. Don't get overwhelmed trying to plan something so big and extravagant that you get caught up in the details, and less in the person. I am a big advocate that sentimental touches that hold deep meaning in your relationship should be part of your proposal. For example, making a homemade video of all your moments together for them to watch just before you propose, or choosing the spot where you had your first kiss, or letting them read a love letter you've written before you pop the question.

Having the moment photographed is a beautiful way to capture the moment in time, and give you something to look back on for years to come, inquire here to have me photograph your proposal.

Couple walking along the rocks at sunset at point addis beach

Point Addis along the Great Ocean Road is an incredible place to elope in Victoria, Australia. There are several places in the area that would be incredible to propose and the area is a nature lovers dream. The image above is from the beach at sunrise and the light and rocks have an incredible soft orange glow at that time! There are also a lot of walking tracks that follow the cliffs along the sea, with many nooks and lookout spots which could be the perfect spot to pop the question. The area itself boats of things to do and incredible place to stay afterwards to make a getaway out of it.

Bride running up to her groom at Flinders, Mornington Peninsula at sunset

Another coastal favourite for a proposal in Victoria, Australia. Flinders boasts miles of coastline with spectacular views, especially at sunset. This particular spot can be found by searching for Cairns Bay in Google Maps. Local to the area is the hot-springs, Red-Hill market and in early summer the Red-Hill lavender farm. This area is full of incredible walks and wineries like Jackelope hotel to make your experience even sweeter.

Teddys Lookout, Lorne

A couple overlooks the ocean at Teddys Lookout, Lorne at sunset

A beautiful hidden gem in Lorne, Victoria. The track just off Teddy's Lookout would be the perfect spot to propose in Victoria, Australia! The sunset here is absolutely incredible and you feel like you are in your own little pocket of the world. Lorne is close-by to some of the most loved waterfalls and scenic attractions in the state such as the Otways & Erskine Falls.

Big Drift, Wilsons Prom

A couple run up a sand dune at big drift Wilson's prom at sunset

Big Drift isn't one of the only places you could propose in Wilsons Prom, however it's pretty iconic. Not only do the sand dunes go forever, the sunset hits this spot with the most incredible light, it feels outer worldly being here - this little slice of Victoria holds some of the best hikes in the country, and some beautiful towns with soul-filling food and experiences. This would be an incredibly memorable spot to propose in Victoria, Australia.

Grampians National Park

A couple kiss as the sun sets in Grampians national park right after they eloped

The Grampians is one of those places that you feel is incredibly special and connects you back to earth and nature. Without fail every time I have been here I have come away with such a sense of peace and refreshing. This particular spot is along the hike on Mt William, and the views are seriously worth the steep climb! It's an easy hike on a sealed road, just with an inclination. This spot was about halfway on the hike up, however you could probably stop anywhere along and it would be just as beautiful. If you propose in the Grampians, it's non negotiable you spend some time soaking up the area, I couldn't recommend Salt Creek Cottage more as a place to stay.

Now that you have sorted out where you are going to propose, it's time to have the moment captured, contact me here to organise your proposal being photographed in one of these incredible locations.