Twelve Apostles Elopement / Alicia & Aaron - Great Ocean Road

Alicia & Aaron were meant to elope in New Zealand on the 24.2.22, with the pandemic still in full force they had to put their plans on a permanent hold, wondering when the right time would be. These two had already organised their outfits and rings, and were just waiting for what felt right to come around, I remember Alicia telling me she'd begun to feel lost and that they'd thought of just going to the registration office in Melbourne to make it official, they weren't alone with so many couples feeling like each time they made plans during the pandemic, they just got pushed back.

So, when me and Alicia started talking, it was really exciting to begin to dream again with them to how this session could really celebrate them. They chose this day along the Great Ocean Road to spend together and do a private vow ceremony and mini moon before they tied the knot in front of family and friends a few weeks later in Melbourne at The Alter Electric. It was a perfect mix to have intimacy and celebration along the Australia coast, and then their family could still celebrate with them later.